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 New Special Bonus Message (#120) - The Golden Rule   


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1. Bonus -  HIMSELF By A.B. Simpson

       A.B. Simpson’s “Himself” tract is a classic about the absolute centrality and totality of Jesus in the Christian Faith.

2. GOD IN YOUR LIFE - 3 Born Again Experiences

       Christians often get confused about what they are experiencing in their spiritual walk.

       There are three important experiences which must not be confused. Hear about them here and/or get the free eBook HERE.

3. STOP COUNTING  -  Paul’s Gospel

       Paul was the Apostle of Grace. As the “chief of sinners” he really understood the Grace of God. He teaches us how to walk in Grace.  He fully explains how to live in Grace. Paul despises legalism; he understands why the letter of the law is death and the Spirit of Grace  gives only life. His teaching is the kiss of death to legalism in all its forms.

4. Special Bonus Article - The Transforming Power of Grace

       5. Special Bonus Article - How People Decide If You’re A Winner Or A Loser

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